Friends, the coming weeks will provide some “new and fresh” opportunities to invite friends and neighbors to special events at Aspen Ridge Church. Let me describe these so you can make invitations:

  1. Christ in the Passover | April 1 & 2 weekend services. This will include a Jews for Jesus presentation describing how Jewish people celebrate the Passover meal. It will then show how Jesus Christ fulfills these Passover expectations. This will be an interactive presentation for the whole family!
  2. MOPS Hop | April 8 at 10:00 AM. This will be an outreach for all ages, including an Easter Egg Hunt for children. It will be a fun, outdoor event which could generate interest in Easter weekend services. Our Mothers of Preschool ministry does a great job with this, bring a friend!
  3. Easter Weekend (April 8 & 9 weekend services). We will celebrate the bodily resurrection of Christ with a message entitled “The Sign of Jonah.” We will explore how Jonah’s deliverance from a great fish became a foreshadowing of Christ’s resurrection. We will also celebrate baptisms, an outward sign of how believers participate in the death and resurrection of Christ.

For some months we have been in a series entitled Spiritual Conversations. Why don’t you make some invitations to these special events as an application of this series? Let’s believe God will work in powerful ways to gather people to these special events.

Yours, Pastor Jeff


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