Virus Outbreak in the East, oversea.  Not here, doesn’t affect you or me. 

Life goes on, work and play.  Live it out day by day. 

Sickness comes to our shore. Won’t impact us to our core. 

Virus spreads a little more.  Will it impact us to our core? 

Virus spreads more and more.  One state, two states, three, and four. 

Schools close, churches, and more.  Now it hit us at our core. 

20, 30, 40, 50.  All states hit in a jiffy. 

Panic spreads more and more.  No paper products at the store. 

We are healthy, why the worry?  Then fear at night, wide awake at 2:30.  

Anxiety and death spreads more and more.  What is this?  What’s in store? 

Amplified coughs.  Run from sneezingIs she sick?  Am I wheezing?   

Close the borders.  Stay at home orders.   

Virus spreads.  So does FEAR.  Don’t go out.  Stay right here.   

Fear, worry.  Worry, fear.   

Stay away. Don’t come near.   

What is next?  What do we do?  How about me?  What about you? 


Christ Jesus born in the East, oversea.  Born for you, born for me. 

His life perfect in work and play.  Died for sin, rose on the third day.    

Salvation comes from his chore.  Will it impact you to the core? 

Gospel spreads a little more.  Sea of Galilee to America’s shore.   

Peace spreads more and more.  One person, two, three, and four. 

Churches open, small groups, more.  Now this is Jesus at his core. 

20, 30, 40, 50.  All souls hit in a jiffy. 

Joy spreads more and more.  Look what the Lord has in store! 

We are His children, why worry?  Pray instead when awake at 2:30. 

Love spreads more and more.  Serving others no dutiful chore. 

Amplified praise.  Run from the evil one.  Is she saved?  Am I winsome?   

Open your hearts’ border.  Faith in Jesus is in order.  

Gospel spreads.  So does HOPE.  Come to the Cross.  That’s how to cope.   

Jesus says don’t worry.  He says don’t fear.   

Believe in me.  And I’ll be near.  My burden is light.  Give me your fear. 

What is next?  You know what to do.  The message of hope is for me.  What about you? 



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