Dear Friend of Aspen Ridge Church,

On the first Christmas no room was available for Mary and Joseph, so they found refuge with the animals. Mary gave birth to the Lord Jesus Christ, wrapped Him in swaddling clothes and laid Him in a feeding trough. These were humble and challenging times, yet God entered the human story through Jesus Christ demonstrating His love and faithfulness to a plan of restoration and redemption through the whole world. In the spirit of the first Christmas and in light of the changing nature of this calendar year, we will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ outdoors on Christmas Eve. Here is what you can expect:

First, you will enter through Evergreen Memorial Park (Ocelot Trail). You will then decide whether you would like to remain in your vehicle or gather in-person near the stage (and heating lamps). Those wishing to gather outdoors please follow the parking direction into the lower church lot. For those wishing to park in the drive-in service area which offers an in-your-car-contactless and socially-distanced experience, please turn on your flashers upon arrival. Flashers will allow our parking and security staff to help provide you parking directions with no person-to-person contact. You will then tune in to 100.5FM from your vehicle to hear the service. Of course, you will be able to see the service through your vehicle. To view our lyrics click here.

The rest will gather in-person near our outdoor stage area. Our services will be short (35 minutes) so that all could stand but if you do choose to sit, you are invited to bring your own chairs. We will sing about Christmas, hear the Scriptures and receive a message of hope and transformation about Jesus’ birth as “Mighty God.” We will culminate our service with Silent Night and invite people to use the flashlight on their phones to represent the candles that we traditionally light during this service. The purpose of this symbolism is to remind ourselves and one another that Jesus Christ is the light of the world, and He entered the human race that first Christmas.

For those who come prepared to give, you may do so one of two ways. You may give electronically through our website here.  Further, we will have an offering box near the stage area during the Christmas Eve services for those who would like to give that way.

We hope you will attend and invite a friend. Surely these are days that require us to be adaptive and flexible. Thanks in advance for your flexibility. Sometimes God uses changes for His greater purposes, to push us out of our comfort zones and into places of trust and faith. May this be the case this Christmas.

Christmas Eve Outdoor Services | 4:30 PM & 5:30 PM

Pastor Jeffrey Clark

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