Dear Friend of Aspen Ridge Church,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust this note finds you well and flourishing. Thank you for your faithfulness to this local church through the summer months. From my perspective, people are connecting with God and each other. God is at work and lives are being renewed and transformed by the gospel. We celebrate God and His work in this place and time!

Effective the weekend of September 24/25, Aspen Ridge Church will rotate into our “school year” schedule which includes two Sunday morning services (at 9:00 & 10:30 AM) in addition to our Saturday night service (at 5:00 PM). Making this move facilitates our growth and allows us to maintain service choices in our community. Let me review some important reasons for this shift:

  • First, providing two worship services on Sunday morning allows people to serve in one hour (in children’s and/or student ministry) and worship in the other. This expands the number of prospective volunteers able to serve, while not missing a worship service. It also incentivizes longer-term commitments to a children’s ministry small group. The care and feeding of our children (and volunteers) is important and this is one way to promote such support.
  • Second, this will allow formation of small groups that also meet on Sunday mornings. I know of five small groups which intend to begin meeting on Sunday mornings. Providing an additional service allows these groups to attend worship one hour and small group another hour. Among the small group leaders returning are Powell, McIver and Krajewski. New small group leaders include Choun, Kopp and Lewis. These new small groups will cover Financial Peace University, Old Testament Survey and Biblical Literacy.
  • Third, our history tells us that growth accompanies the choice of an additional service. Last year we observed that by offering two Sunday morning services, the total number of people reached on a weekend increased by some 50 people. Generally, God uses means to accomplish His purposes, including attendance, invitations and service. May God use the “means” of this additional service to that end.

On the weekend of September 24/25, Aspen Ridge will have family services which will include children’s attendance in the Celebration Center. Also, the weekend after Labor Day (September 10/11) Aspen Ridge Church will present a new series entitled “Rediscover Church.” Christian leaders tell us that most people will attend a series or event if invited. This would be a great time to make such invitations. Personal invitations remain the primary way people connect with a local church. Won’t you earnestly pray as we re-engage this fall, start praying about who you may invite and trust God for the growth?

Pastor Jeff Clark

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