Church Family,

Our Church is not Cancelled – Our Church is Deployed. Let’s share the blessing of Easter with everyone!

Easter is almost here. It’s a challenging time to be confined to our homes, and I find myself missing the chatter and excitement over the traditional MOPS Hop, that we’ve all come to know and love. While we may not be able to gather and collect scattered, candy-filled, plastic eggs this season, maybe there’s another way we can “unite.”

Do you guys remember the painted rocks that were a buzz about a year or so ago? People would paint rocks with inspirational or fun messages or pictures, and then they would place them at parks or along public trails or other various locations?

What if we, as a church, picked up a rock from our yard and painted something hopeful or fun or thoughtful on it? It wouldn’t cost anything, it wouldn’t compromise anyone’s health, and it would be something we could all do together, yet separately, on Easter morning, after the YouTube sermons are watched and our family lunches are eaten. We could then display them in our yards until we are able to reunite as a church body, but then bring them to the church to place around our other “home” when we’re able to be together again.

It could be a great way to start conversations with visitors, who we are also inviting to our “home in Christ together.” If each family does this, we’d see a really unique, colorful display of the families that *are* the church.

You can post photos of our creations on our Facebook pages, and link them to the Aspen Ridge Church page and include #AspenRidgeChurch in the description.

We love you an miss you dear friends, but we are always together and united by Christ!

We are praying for each of you and will see you soon.

Ms. Deb


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