Dear Friend of Aspen Ridge Church,

It is with gratitude that my family and I send Christmas greetings to you. Since this picture, we are pleased to welcome Haven Rose Clark (born July 31, 2021) to our growing family. What a blessing we find in our children and grandchildren. Being a grandparent gives me an additional glimpse into the heart of God for His people. God sent His only Son as the “true light which, coming into the world, enlightens every person” (John 1:9).

I am mindful of our mission (more important than ever) of inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together. I think of a person who I/we were able to help at Mountain Resource Center and since attended our Community Thanksgiving Dinner, despite little or no interest in Jesus. I think of a young person inquiring about baptism who learned about placing faith in Jesus and did so! I think of a peer who I met at my workout studio and who has since folded into church life… and met the spouse of his dreams. I think of long time and new members, regular attenders, kingdom workers, faithful and loyal followers of Jesus who make up our fine church. I think of investing in families (especially students and children) so that the generation to come can receive the treasures of the gospel.

This Christmas we are presenting a series entitled “I am Christmas.” It is a series that looks at the “I am” statements of Jesus. We have seen how He is the Door, the Bread of Life and (next week) the Good Shepherd. We will also see how He is the True Vine; the I Am and the Light of the world. I invite you to connect with us on Christmas Eve for our candlelight services at 3:00 and 4:30 PM. I also invite you to gather with us on the day after Christmas for a combined family service at 10:00 AM.

We are so grateful for those of you who partner with Aspen Ridge Church financially. Our church has weathered the storm of the past 20 months and is in solid financial shape. Even so, the Christmas season, which includes end-of-the-year giving, has been an important season in the life of our church to fully fund our mission going forward. This December we are prayerfully asking God to provide more than $100,000 in general fund giving. These dollars are important in properly funding our mission, including 24 missionaries, faithful staff and needed resources. If you consider Aspen Ridge Church your home, and if God has been faithful in providing for you, would you consider making a sacrificial gift (proportionate to the way He has provided) at the end of the year?

On behalf of the entire Aspen Ridge Church family, we wish you…

Merry Christmas,

Dr. Jeffrey Clark
Senior Pastor

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