What are you most looking forward to this Christmas? Is it seeing your family, or going on a trip, or giving and receiving gifts? Is it lights or music or festive social gatherings or music and food? In our broader culture, Christmas has become a winter holiday that is generic and devoid of meaning. In history, the term “Christ-mas” referred to an early Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. The phrase “mas” described a meal that would accompany such celebration. We intend to restore the rich meaning and treasure bound up in celebrating Jesus’ birthday.

Christmas is a holiday reminding us that God entered human history and took on flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ became a human being so he could sympathize with our weakness, forgive us of our sin, and restore those who believe to a relationship with God. He did this through his sinless life, cross-work, resurrection from the dead and ascension to the right hand of the Father.

This year, Aspen Ridge is giving special and concerted attention to the birth of Jesus Christ from various gospels and letters in the New Testament. The meaning behind this is to build out a complete portrait of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. We will consider how the New Testament books of Matthew, Luke, Revelation, and Philippians all describe the birth of Jesus Christ. Our series will culminate with Christmas Eve services (2:30; 3:45; 5PM) that describe how Jesus is the exact imprint of God’s nature. All of this so that we can know and worship God through His Son Jesus, inviting neighbors to do the same.

Dr. Jeffrey Clark

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