Playground Update

Playground Update

We have had an exciting development on our playground! A few years ago, a generous family donated their temporary play structure to accommodate the smaller children that use the playground. This structure was a wonderful asset over the years, however with the amount...

So what?

It is the historic position of the Christian Church that Christ rose from the dead on the third day. We celebrate this throughout the year, but especially Easter weekend. People gather from all walks of life and different faith convictions to celebrate this truth. The...

The Body: Many Members. One Body

I find today a significant interest in health and fitness of the human body. We live in a culture marked by people who exercise, ride bikes, climb 14’ers, play sports and workout with a personal trainer… all in the interest of a fit body. Since the human body is a unified whole, it is never more fit and healthy than its many and various parts.

This Easter’s Events…

The idea of “inviting our neighbors to find a home in Christ” is one that constantly excites and challenges me, and one which really should impact every move we make as a church. One of our greatest opportunities for realizing this is about to happen, and I’d love to see us all get behind it.  

God the Spirit

Teaching through our Aspen Ridge Statement of Faith has been rewarding. After some five weeks, we have covered a Biblical doctrine of God’s Word, God’s Trinity and the persons of the Godhead. However, I was not prepared for what God was going to do the weekend of February 7-8. 

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