Christ-mas 2019

Christ-mas 2019

What are you most looking forward to this Christmas? Is it seeing your family, or going on a trip, or giving and receiving gifts? Is it lights or music or festive social gatherings or music and food? In our broader culture, Christmas has become a winter holiday that...
Christ-mas at Aspen Ridge

Christ-mas at Aspen Ridge

CHRISTMAS EVE CANDLELIGHT SERVICES There is a change in our Christmas Eve Candlelight services schedule, this year they will be offered at 2:30 PM, 3:45 PM and 5:00 PM, with childcare available in the nursery for ages 0-2. We would love to celebrate this special time...

What basic facts exist about Jesus?

Jesus Christ is a polarizing figure. Say the name “Jesus Christ” in conversation and see what happens: you will experience many and wide-ranging reactions. Not everybody agrees about Jesus’ identity and not everybody is in the same place in relationship to Jesus.

He Came.

This year, Aspen Ridge will focus on a new and different type of teaching series alongside our celebration of the Christmas holidays. Our series, “He Came,” describes why the Son of God became flesh, entering this broken world.

The Power of Story

One thing that comes coming up again and again as I continue my life-long education in art is that “story” seems to show up everywhere.  For every great movie you have ever seen, I would bet that there is a great story at the heart of it. No matter how great...

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