What’s a “Tween?”

What’s a “Tween?”

I am excited and honored to share that I have been asked by Converge Rocky Mountain to co-lead a breakout session at the “Together To Transform 2019” conference. I will be leading along side of Ariel Meyers, the Children’s Director at Stapleton Church. The topic we will be discussing is “The In-betweens.”

Death and Life: Baptism

Aspen Ridge will celebrate baptisms during our Easter weekend services, as well, a reminder of our union with Christ’s victory over death and resurrection to new life. If you would like to participate in these baptisms, you are asked to attend an orientation meeting.

Wednesday Evening Dinner

Every Wednesday evening, during the school year and following the school calendar, there is a hot meal that is prepared for anyone who would like to attend. The cost is only $2.50 per person ($10/family), and it’s a great chance to get to know someone new.

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