I wrote Broken And Stripped years ago, but I never did much with it. When I would play it at churches, I’d always keep it very minimal and simply finger pick on my acoustic guitar to accompany it. Earlier this year I was playing around on the guitar and singing it and the lyrics really jumped out at me. I started to wonder if there was some life left in this old “folky” worship song.

So I tried some experiments and started to record some pieces of this “new version” after office hours at Aspen Ridge here and there. When I realized this “2019 version” of Broken And Stripped could be a practical and easily singable worship song for Aspen Ridge Church, I decided to enlist the help of some of our worship Team. On the recording you’ll hear Shelby Boller’s and Ryan Glaser’s vocals accompanying my own.  …as well as some bass lines from Craig Voight.

Broken And Stripped is a simple song that emphasizes the difference in who Christ is, and who I am. …and how far He’s come to bridge that gap.

Part of the reason we are sharing this recording with you is Aspen Ridge Music wants to be a part of your worship, musical and otherwise, all week long. We want to encourage you and point to Jesus alongside you at all times, not just on Saturday Nights or Sunday Mornings.

Feel free to download the song for free on Soundcloud.com.

Thanks for listening!

– Pastor Lawrence and the Aspen Ridge Worship Team

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