Hello friends,

The seasons are changing, days are shorter, and more time is available for reading good books. I thought I would tell you about a few books I am reading and how (and why) they are valuable to me.

I am reading portions of John Piper’s book Providence. Piper originally set out to write a book about God’s sovereignty; however, he came to realize that sovereignty only has value when understood alongside its purpose. He defines God’s providence as His purposeful sovereignty. God the Father does not simply rule over all things to no particular purpose but intends to bring history to culmination in the establishment of His kingdom. This is a fine book that I recommend.

Another book I am reading is Alva McClain’s Greatness of the Kingdom. This book was written a generation ago to describe God’s mediatorial kingdom. In contrast to God’s universal kingdom, which is eternal and unending, His mediatorial kingdom will be established on earth in history by Jesus Christ. It is for this kingdom that Jesus taught his disciples to pray “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” If you are interested in understanding this mediatorial kingdom, this book is for you.

A final book I will mention is Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was an immigrant around the time of our war for independence. As a young man, he became George Washington’s personal assistant. Later he advocated for the proposed Constitution in the Federalist Papers.  Eventually he served as Washington’s Secretary of the Treasury. This is a fine book that looks at the unique role Hamilton played in the founding of our nation.

Whether you read these or other good books, let me encourage you to supplement your reading of Scripture with the reading of fine books like these.

Pastor Jeff

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