Did you know that Aspen Ridge Church has a Benevolent Fund? It’s used to confidentially help those in need during a financial crisis. Between January 2018 and December 2018 the Benevolent Fund provided over $17,000 to those who had such a need.

Some of the ways it was used were as follows, in approximate amounts:

  • $5,500 Rent, Mortgage, Taxes
  • $4,300 Medical Expenses
  • $3,100 Auto Repair
  • $3,000 Legal-Related Assistance
  • $650 Counseling Expenses
  • $500 King Soopers Gift Cards

All of these gifts went to between 20 to 25 recipients, though it’s a little difficult to give an exact number because most of the gift cards are given out anonymously to various individuals. I would also estimate that 75% of the funds went to our immediate church body and approximately 25% to those outside of our church fellowship, but to those in our local community (our neighbors).

Did you know that the Deacon team is responsible for the management of the Benevolent Fund? As each Deacon hears of a potential benevolent item, they do some research, and as appropriate, they will bring it to the rest of the Deacon team to prayerfully consider. The team then weighs in with various viewpoints and considerations, and we vote on the matter. If the matter is approved, the Benevolent Fund will then directly pay a bill or expense; the Benevolent Fund does not pay individuals directly.

Did you know that the deacon team is recommended and endorsed by the Aspen Ridge Elders, and the team is made up of the following individuals: Carol Battersby, Carol Reinoehl, Daniel Sheffer, Eric Krajewski, Ed Marcy and Mike Kelly? If you know of a potential Benevolent Fund matter you may contact any of the Deacons.

Do you know how to contribute to the Aspen Ridge Benevolent Fund? On the first Sunday (or weekend) of every month, an extra retirement offering is taken at the back of the Celebration Center, generally at the end of the service. You can also write a check to Aspen Ridge Church at any time and indicate in the memo that it is designated to go into the Benevolent Fund.

The Benevolent Fund is very much a “loaves and fishes” situation. The Deacon team has no idea how God will provide for the needs that we know will be coming up. To think that last year the Aspen Ridge Church body provided over $17,000 to meet the needs of our church body and our neighbors is mind-blowing to me. No wait; our loving God provides.

Ps 23:1, Ps 34:10, Ps 37: 25, Mat 6:31&32, Mat 7:11, Luke 12: 22-24, Rom 8:31&32, Phil 4:6, Phil 4:19.

God is good.

Mike Kelly
Service Ministry Team Lead, Elder and Deacon

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