In our series entitled “Coming to Terms with Resistance,” we are receiving God’s counsel on how to approach the apathy in our community and region toward Jesus Christ. That such apathy does exist is not in question. Recent information from the Percept Group about our harvest field indicates that the likely faith involvement level and preference for historic Christian religious affiliations is VERY LOW when compared to national averages. Our community is 31% less likely to be involved in Christian faith. In fact, those who are not interested and have no preference are 65% higher than national averages!

How should we respond to this? The Apostle Paul describes Himself as having “great sorrow and unceasing anguish” for those apart from Jesus Christ (Romans 9:2). At a recent service I challenged our assembled company to ask God for this kind of heart. I am pleased to report that some 70% of those in attendance agreed to make this a regular prayer for a week:

Whatever it takes, Lord, increase my distress for perishing unbelievers, the persecuted church, and destitute poor and my resolve to do what I can to bring them deliverance and relief through the whole gospel of Christ.

For those who were away or did not receive this invitation, will you make this prayer regular in your life? For those who have been praying this prayer, I am interested to know how God is answering this prayer in your life? I asked our Director of Communications to post this prayer on our Aspen Ridge Church Facebook page, and would invite you to describe how God is answering through a message feature. You may do so at the following…

In the way of encouraging one another to love and good deeds, we want to compare notes on how God is moving in our lives and small groups.

Warmly, Jeff Clark

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