The spring of 2018 saw our Aspen Ridge small groups participate in a Contagious Christian series, developed in part by Lee Strobel, author of the best-selling book-turned-movie “Case for Christ.”  Those who participated in the Contagious Christian Challenge learned to share their faith in ways that fit their personality styles. I believe this 6-week DVD series has blossomed new life into many of our hearts for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our family, friends and neighbors who have not made Him leader of their lives. The new life of spring is starting to warm into sunny summer around here. And as the summer sun begins to warm the hills and valleys around us, what are some next steps we can take in warmly sharing the gospel with those around us?

Summer is an amazing time for all kinds of outdoor activities in our mountain community. I wonder if it is time to combine our love of summer-wonder with our new thirst for being contagious Christians? This is where summer affinity small groups can hit the spot. Like the perfect mix of sugar, water and lemons, these small groups may be just the quench we Ridgers, and our neighbors, need.

So, what is a summer affinity small group, anyway? The word “affinity” has been defined as “a spontaneous or natural liking or sympathy for someone or something.”  For example, I have an affinity to fishing, hiking and small grouping! Summer needs no definition, but I am going to create one nonetheless, right here, right now, tailored for this mountain community. My definition of summer for Aspen Ridge Church in Evergreen, Colorado, is “the time of year after snow and before the yellow where we are free to be mellow and enjoy God’s creation by hiking, biking, fishing, Jeeping, sun soaking, BBQ joking, lemonade selling, pine dwelling, golf ball swinging and Frisbee winging.”

Our Aspen Ridge summer affinity small groups are for those in our community that resonate with my hand-crafted summer “definition.”  Each group is in a specific area of interest and will meet once or more over the summer. These affinity small groups are an excellent opportunity for us to invite neighbors with common interests to join us in exploring them. They also give us a great opportunity to introduce folks to the leader of our life as we practice being Contagious Christians.

Will you join a summer small group and invite a friend or neighbor who shares your affinity for the activity? Who knows, the God of the Bible may use the group to draw you both into ultimate affinity for him!

Here is a list of our summer affinity small groups:

Please contact the respective leader to have some summertime fun today!

Eric Krajewski

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