There is a rhythm, an ebb-and-flow, to church life and attendance patterns. Summer includes opportunities for people to enjoy the outdoors and, in some cases, to take much needed vacations. In our Evergreen community, summers are also a time for people to move into our area and/or look for a local Christian Church. With our emphasis on “Being Contagious” with our Christian faith in our small groups this Spring, we want to provide additional opportunities for Christian witness this summer. In light of this we will… 

Sustain and build our Saturday Night Service. We have experienced strong and steady growth with our Saturday Night service. We will not only keep it in place this summer, but provide an outdoor worship service experience on the 2nd Saturdays of June, July and August (weather permitting). We will provide food and refreshments alongside at least one of these services. With our breathtaking scenery and cool evenings, these should be fantastic outreach events. 

Make special invitations. Summer will provide student ministries with an opportunity to make invitations to CIY Summer Camp and our weekly back porch events. It will provide children’s ministry with an opportunity to invite others to Vacation Bible School June 4-8. It will provide adult ministry with an opportunity to invite friends to the Colorado Rockies Faith Day (July 29). Take advantage of these opportunities and a regular opportunity to invite people to church! 

Modify our Sunday Morning Service Schedule. From Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend, we will modify our regular Sunday Morning schedule and provide one service that meets at 10:00 AM. This will supply an opportunity for Sunday attendees and guests to connect in a different singular format for these three months, re-kindling relationships and making new ones. Most of our small groups (and those needing childcare) will not meet regularly in the summer, so we will provide excellent children’s ministry alongside our 10:00 AM worship service. Beginning the weekend of September 8/9, we will go back to our regular schedule. 

Summer is…and will be…a great opportunity to invest in relationships with neighbors and take small steps toward fulfilling our purpose of “inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ.” May God be our help and strength to that end. 

Warmly, Pastor Jeff

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