Jesus Christ is a polarizing figure. Say the name “Jesus Christ” in conversation and see what happens: you will experience many and wide-ranging reactions. Not everybody agrees about Jesus’ identity and not everybody is in the same place in relationship to Jesus. But what facts may be established about Jesus in history? And how are these facts related to the way you and I live our lives?

This Easter, Aspen Ridge Church will be confirming basic facts about Jesus, agreed upon by believing and skeptical scholars alike. In establishing these facts, we do not have to rely upon the Bible (alone). Significant historical evidence exists about the basic facts of Jesus life, death and resurrection. We will reconnect to the historical event that defines Jesus. These basic facts form the foundation for Christian faith. 

What difference may this in turn make? You may be interested in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You may be a Christ-follower who is trying to “work it all out.” You may be intending to live a significant life as Jesus’ kingdom worker. At all events, this Easter will be an invitation to live life in a different way, in light of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


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