Dear Friends of Aspen Ridge, 

In 2016, I asked the Aspen Ridge elder board for permission to develop a “preaching team” that would share weekend teaching and preaching opportunities. The rationale for this proposal was bound up in a number of important factors: it would be wise to diversify the number of capable or qualified teachers at Aspen Ridge so the ministry does not hang on one individual; diverse opportunities to teach could serve in the way of maturing and multiplying leadership in and through our ministry; hearing from different voices would meet many and varying needs in our church family; my own teaching would be sharpened as I develop a team; this could place our leadership in a posture of looking for and testing prospective teachers and pastors; it would allow me to invest my energies in advanced planning that could increase the quality of future series. 

I am pleased to report that our leadership enthusiastically agreed. I am tasked with preaching in a range of 36-40 weekends per year. The additional 12-16 weekends will be given over to Aspen Ridge missionaries and preaching team members. These include Earl Waggoner, Todd Ickes, Pastor Kreg Kastelz and Norm Lewis.  

Earl Waggoner is an Aspen Ridge elder and small group leader. He is Dean of College and Adult Studies at Colorado Christian University. Todd Ickes is an Aspen Ridge missionary who is with Reclaim Ministries. Pastor Kreg oversees the student ministry at Aspen Ridge. Norm Lewis is the current chairman of our elder board. I am pleased and delighted to build up these brothers and to give them important opportunities to share God’s Word and their heart with our church family. 

Our preaching team has a quarterly lunch where we evaluate our messages, gather ideas for prospective series, sharpen one another in theology and homiletics, discuss Aspen Ridge mission and values and how to advance those through our teaching and elevate current issues or topics. 


Pastor Jeff 

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