Dear friends, 

Over the months and years at Aspen Ridge you may have heard of Live it Out. This is a strategic initiative related to fulfilling our Aspen Ridge mission in our community. It is an outreach emphasis, with an intention to demonstrate the love of Christ, in a practical way toward our community. 

In the past weeks, you have heard stories from our church leaders and wives about ways they have built relationships with neighbors. We have also told of service projects from our small groups in our greater Conifer and Evergreen region. We have made upgrades to our Celebration Center that have been assisted by Live It Out resources. Further, the exterior upgrades to our building are in the spirit of Live It Out. We seek to present our faith in an attractive way to a waiting and watching harvest field. 

I am pleased to share a new development in our Live It Out initiative. One of its important features has to do with giving intentional support to our small group life. In that way, and alongside an announcement from Bob Blake that he is passing the baton of such leadership for health reasons, we are pleased to announce a new Director of Small Groups – Eric Krajewski. Eric is a leader we have grown from within and who knows us very well. He also brings a solid track-record of small group leadership and oversight. The elder board believes he is God’s provision for multiplying leaders for our small group ministry. 

A portion of Live It Out funds have been set aside to fund this part-time position which we extend to Eric. He will reduce his legal practice (in measure) so he can devote part of his time as Director of Small Groups. We have enough funds to sustain his role for at least 18 months. I am pleased to welcome him to our staff. We will use the weekend of January 27/28 to thank Bob Blake for his faithful role with small group life and to pass the baton to Eric. 

May God bring encouragement and vitality to our church as we continue to Live It Out in our neighborhoods and community. 


Pastor Jeff 

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