In a few short weeks, the Aspen Ridge Church building will receive a complete replacement of its exterior walls (God willing). This is because a motion from the Properties Ministries Team was advanced by the Elder Board to the church membership and received a unanimous vote in favor at a business meeting on June 25, 2017.

The Aspen Ridge Church facility is approximately 30,000 square feet and has been built in at least three stages over a 50-year span. The facility has a worn-out exterior which is both unattractive and less capable of providing protection against the elements. For the sake of “inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ,” our church family seeks to utilize a building that has an attractive appearance and is of the same or better quality than homes in our neighborhood and community.

The Properties Ministry Team (PMT) proposed that Aspen Ridge Church borrow $250,000 on existing property to finance this project. After prayerful deliberation, the Elder Board agreed to forward this motion to the church. Since then, the PMT has entered a contract with a local builder to do this extensive renovation. The builder has in mind to begin the project in a few short weeks. Further, the builder expects to be nearing completion around Labor Day.

The building has been debt-free for many years; however, it has been receiving a comparably modest percentage of general fund dollars for a significant length of time. This is because our church has prioritized ministry/staff and missions over and above our facility. Our budgets have sent some 12-13% of our general fund dollars toward the maintenance and upkeep of our church facility; however, church consultants recommend 20% of general fund dollars go toward building and upkeep. Taking out a comparably modest loan at favorable terms over a ten-year period will allow our church to gradually turn the “dials” in our budget toward better long-term proportions.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see significant renovations and construction on our church property. Will you use this occasion to pray for our church and the realization of our God-given mission?  It may be that these renovations become an occasion for new and different conversations with friends and neighbors. May God use these conversations to point toward Jesus Christ and the advance of his gospel.

Further, will you remember to honor God by faithfully giving of your tithes and offerings to the ministry of Aspen Ridge Church?  We are a few short months from the end of our fiscal ministry year and are about 2% behind budget projections. Personally, I would like to finish this ministry year strong, on pace and ready to engage the coming year of ministry. Will you remain vigilant and generous toward God’s work in these summer months?

Warmly, Pastor Jeff Clark

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