Let me take a few moments in the middle of summer to say “hello,” especially to those who have connected with our Saturday evening service. I want to thank those who attended our Saturday night potluck and concert last weekend; we had over 70 in attendance! I appreciate you and look forward to folding back into our regular weekend format, which includes our Saturday evening service. In the past weeks and months, I have been able to speak to many of you about how to improve our Saturday night outreach, and one idea came up more than a few times. It includes the difficulty (for some) of bringing the whole family to a service over the dinner hour at 6:00 PM. Since then, I have weighed the factors involved in making an adjustment, and I am pleased to say that we will experiment with a 5:00 PM start time for our Saturday evening service, beginning September 9. The chief advantage to this is that it allows families to get home at a reasonable hour for dinner and children’s bedtimes.

By way of developing needed support and sustainability for our Saturday service, we continue to seek the Lord for volunteer workers in children’s ministries. We expect to (gradually) reduce our reliance upon paid workers for this service. Debbie Stewart, Interim Director of Children’s Ministries, and I are building a model of one lead caregiver and two apprentices for each children’s ministries small group. Our adult ministry small groups have continuity of leadership; we intend to extend the same sort of continuity to our children’s small groups through the school year. This model will allow both continuity and flexibility for workers with one weekend off per month. If you are interested in providing this or other forms of support for our Saturday evening service, please be in touch with us.

In summary, we have decided to experiment with a time change to 5:00 PM for our Saturday evening service, beginning September 9 and continuing through the fall. I look forward to seeing you there as we seek to invite neighbors to find a home in Christ together.

Blessings, Pastor Jeff

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