Imagine for a moment that you’re inviting someone to your home that you have been trying to connect with for a long time, and they finally agree. Maybe it’s even an author or public speaker or an actor that you have long-admired, and now you have the chance to have them in your home! Certainly you would do basic cleaning and make sure your house was orderly and presentable…but for someone really special, you might even go out and buy a something new: a new end table, a new lamp or maybe even a new couch or comfy chair.  

Hopefully you have noticed the changes we have made in the past year to our entryway. The Welcome Center is well laid-out and also useful with the iPads installed there, and the wood fits in well with our mountain surroundings.The nursery looks great and provides a warm, welcoming, and safe space for our precious little ones. We have recently upgraded the look of the stage as well. The next area that we are focusing our attention on is the seating area of the Celebration Center.

Our chairs have served us well for many years, but it is time for them to retire. New chairs will look better and will help convey a more welcoming and comfortable environment for our guests. Additionally, we will be experimenting with a completely new set-up on Saturday night, which we hope will provide a space where our neighbors can feel at home as they pursue their spiritual journey towards our Lord.

Be looking for these changes coming soon! And thanks for being a huge part of our mission of inviting our neighbors to find a home in Christ.

-Pastor Kerry, Director of Worship Arts

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