Dear Friend of Aspen Ridge,

First of all, on behalf of our entire church family, I want to say “thank you” to Hunter and Lauren Headley for giving themselves to student ministry at Aspen Ridge. Hunter has loved our students well and faithfully preached God’s Word. He has brought an emphasis in our student ministry to summer camps and our students and families have responded. On the occasion of Hunter receiving a call to a new ministry, we want to recognize and affirm the investment he has made in the lives of our students. I invite you to come out the weekend of June 11/12 for the occasion to send Hunter and Lauren to this new call with our prayers and well-wishes.

I would like to take a moment to invite our entire church family to rally around our students and parents in this time of transition. We will not be taking any steps away from our regular program of ministry. In the sovereignty of God, this is an opportunity to pull together and walk alongside our student ministry. It is surely a time of prayer for our students and families. It is a time for teamwork, earnest service, humility, unity, sacrifice and dedication. Whether you are a child, student or adult of any age, let’s ask how we can be supportive of the summer camps, mission trip and our ministry going forward.

Our church leadership has asked Marty Lake, who is a trusted servant in our student ministry, to take on an “interim” responsibility toward student ministry. I am pleased to report that Marty has accepted this challenge. He will be an excellent person for this role! Please understand he will not replace existing workers and small group leaders in our student ministry. We are going to need those workers to own their areas of responsibility in this particular season. He will own all things related to student ministry and seek to love our students. He will seek to ensure continuity and excellence in this arena for students and families going forward.

Our church leadership has also asked Ron Kilgore to lead a search team for a new leader of Student Ministry. I am also pleased to indicate that Ron has accepted this invitation. Ron has led previous search teams and has the benefit of this experience. He also knows our church well and has a vested interest in helping our student ministry thrive. He will begin assembling a team that will launch out in search of God’s provision. This team will include parents and a high school student representative. It is not possible to predict the future with any accuracy; however, God-willing we will receive a proposal of a new candidate in some 6-8 months.

Jesus said, “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail.” Our students are the future of our church and a vital aspect in the fulfillment of Christ’s promise. Let us honor God and play our part in the fulfillment of Christ’s building project in human lives, especially with our students. Let us show interest in them and love them in the way of our Savior. And may God lead us in this season of church life.

Blessings, Pastor Jeff

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