In my recent update about our Live It Out initiative, I mentioned that we have received requests to clarify some points of our church’s vision for the years ahead. This is especially true in regard to the new pastoral staff position for our small groups and outreach ministry.

There’s a sense among some people that the April snowstorm caused a setback in our communication. Or, you may simply have questions that have come to mind as we have talked about the vision.

Your questions are important, so I am inviting you to share them as part of a Town Hall Exchange happening this month.

If you have attended our past Town Hall Meetings, you know that this is a good forum to ask questions and gain understanding. We have the same goal for the Town Hall Exchange, although the format is a bit different.

The Town Hall Exchange works like this:

1.     Your Questions by Wednesday, June 15: Simply click to submit your questions.

2.     Elder Response on Sunday, June 26: At 9:10 a.m., between our two Sunday morning services, Elders will respond to questions received.


The two-part approach allows us to host the meeting on a Sunday morning, which is a convenient time for many. However, we have only 30 minutes for the meeting, so we will only be able to address questions submitted in advance.  

We will focus this Town Hall Exchange around the specific objectives and financial planning for our Live it Out initiative. In summary form, this includes:

Small Group Ministry Development: $83,750
Outreach Ministry Development: $136,750
Relational Ministry Space Improvements: $64,750
Community Appeal and Accessibility Improvements: $314,750
GIVING GOAL BY APRIL 30, 2018: $600,000

Our Elders have determined that we need to have $149,000 in hand to proceed with our highest priority objectives. You can find more details on the web page for our Live It Out initiative.

Once again, I invite you to submit your questions for the Town Hall Exchange. And I urge you to join me and our elders in praying for God’s wisdom and direction as we seek to serve him.


Pastor Jeff

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