I know that many of you are curious and excited to hear an update about our Live It Out initiative. Through this initiative, our congregation was invited to join in serving and giving to advance our ministry vision. 

Now that people have had several weeks to respond, we have the first official news to share. 

In the area of serving, we have received commitments from 62 volunteers to the various ministries of our church. This is tremendous! The best ministry happens when each of us rolls up our sleeves and serves as God has enabled us. And we are happy to add more volunteers to the list if you have not yet made your serving commitment.

In the area of giving, so far, our finance team has recorded commitments totaling $92,705.

The total number of households giving to Live It Out is already at the threshold where we ended our New Beginnings campaign three years ago. In other words, we are starting out this initiative with as many households as we finished the last initiative. This is very encouraging. We anticipate that additional households will give as we move forward. 

Among the financial commitments, 38% come from ‘new’ households that may have never before given above and beyond our regular offering. Again, this is very encouraging.

And, for the first time, we invited our children and students to participate in giving their own special offerings. We received $178 from children and $335 from students.

Our children’s ministry had such a positive experience with their special offering that they are continuing it on a weekly basis. This is very encouraging too—because it is an important opportunity to teach our children about stewardship and generosity.

Looking back on the month of April, we have had many positive responses to the video stories shared in our services and on our website. We have also heard requests to clarify some points of the vision—especially related to the new pastoral staff position for our small groups and outreach ministry.

There’s a sense among some people that the April snowstorm caused a setback in our communication. So we’re going to address that in the weeks ahead. You can be watching for more communication to help you catch up on information you may have missed, or things you have questions about.

In the meantime, I want to affirm and encourage all of you who have made commitments to serve and give. If you are still considering how you will serve or what you will give, we would love to include your commitment to Live It Out as we move forward.


Pastor Jeff


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