I will never forget as a young man coming to learn about the Christian faith. I had a background with some exposure to religion. I intuitively knew that God existed. I knew something about his holiness and his law.  I also knew that I fell short, and this led to a guilt issue that wouldn’t go away.

I remember making some Christian friends, and I also remember how they invited me to their church. I remember something different about that church and about that pastor; he taught the Bible in a vigorous and robust manner. He was teaching the Book of Hebrews, a book that describes how Jesus Christ is higher than all the things I intuitively knew or learned about religion. God used these messages on this book to lead me to faith in Jesus Christ.

I introduce a new series for 2017 entitled The Height of Faith. This book will describe how Jesus is higher than the prophets, higher than the angels, higher than Moses, higher than Aaron and will describe our need to press on in the Christian way. There are more than a few reasons we why need this series.

First, in the world scene, Islam and Judaism are the only other monotheistic religions. I am stating the obvious when I say there is great tension and questions surrounding Christianity in relationship to Islam and Judaism. The book of Hebrews goes a long way toward describing how Christianity is unique and “higher.”

Second, a great problem and temptation exists among professing believers today. That problem may be wrapped up in a few words: lapsing, falling back, turning away, becoming nominal or marginal in relationship to Jesus Christ and Christian faith. The book of Hebrews was written to promote complete and unreserved dedication and fidelity to Jesus Christ!

Third, outsiders wonder what makes Christianity a “big deal.” What is the heart of Christianity, why does it matter, and how does it relate to other religions? Jesus said the fields are white unto harvest, which means there are many prospects and enquirers for Christian faith. Our Conifer/Evergreen area may be described as happily lost, not realizing that the greatest and most complete foundation for joy or happiness comes in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

I invite you to connect with our church in 2017 and for this new series. Further, many of our small groups are built around the messages we give on the weekends. This gives an opportunity to both hear the message and then discuss and personalize how to understand and apply that message in the small group format. Further information about our small group opportunities may be found on our website.

Jesus Christ is Higher!


Pastor Jeff

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