August 20, 2015
Jeffco Fairgrounds

The Faith Community is the Window to the Community at Large. This summit was the first of it’s kind, hosted by Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader and attended by the Chief of Police from nearly every city in JeffCo as well as many church leaders and Christian school leaders from all over Jefferson County. Joe Fowler, Head of Security Ministry, and I attended, representing Aspen Ridge Church. Church leaders and law enforcement prayed together, learned together and began developing relationships with each other. We learned about protecting our community and our church from those who want to commit evil and about approaching security as a whole church. To begin this movement — we must first build relationships with the people who will be managing a situation at our church. JeffCo Sheriffs are eager to join us for trainings and visits. This is very encouraging! In addition, we can all begin using simple tools such as a Personal Safety Checklist.

We should all know:   

  1. Exits & how far away they are
  2. What might be an obstacle in an emergency
  3. Who is sitting around you—if you’re uncomfortable, move.
  4. Always report anything you notice as strange or potentially wrong.

Together, we can make our community safer,

Maryjean Fowler
Director of Children’s Ministries

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