You may know that our church leadership appointed a “5-Year Plan” team in the fall of 2014. You may also know that, during our View from the Ridge this month, we received proposals from this team. We understand that not everyone could attend the meeting and that it will take time and attention to hear the important proposals from this team. We would like to give opportunity for our church family to process these recommendations and ask questions. Certainly not least, we would like to dedicate ourselves to prayer in this season of church life.

In light of this, we are putting together three Town Hall meetings that will be held October 28 at 6:45 PM, November 7 at 5:00 PM and November 15 at 9:00 AM. We are seeking full participation in these meetings, as the proposals may influence all of church life, including our values, culture, direction, programming, facilities and staffing. Will you please prioritize a town hall meeting(s) and bring an expectant heart?

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