It’s a stormy summer afternoon in Evergreen with thunder clapping and lightning striking. I am inspired by the change in weather during our seasons! I am so filled with gratitude to share this season (among many seasons) with you. We have a relationship with an amazing God who is creative and loving and holy. I enjoy drinking in the beauty and splendor of our mountain community.

We have a number of encouraging developments that I intend to call your attention toward. First, we have had more than 170 kingdom workers respond to the invitation to serve in the coming year of ministry. We followed this up with a “Ministry Kickoff” a few days ago to provide an orientation for those who are new or continuing in Christian service. We did have a majority of those who committed to serve in the next ministry year participate in this Ministry Kickoff, and for this I am grateful.

We have also seen God at work in our children’s and student’s lives this summer. In the month of June, we hosted Vacation Bible School, with 213 kids in attendance. In every case, we planted gospel seeds that (God-willing) will come to harvest. We also sent some 40 high school students and sponsors to a “Christ in Youth” week. I am pleased to share that 5 of the students in attendance received Christ as their Savior.

God is certainly at work through our church, toward our community. However, in the same way that the clouds roll in during many summer afternoons, so there are challenges that we face as a Christ-centered community, seeking to engage our culture with the gospel. The recent decision of the United States Supreme Court on the subject of same-sex marriage was not friendly toward the Christian community. Further, our giving for the month of June fell behind by over $11,000, a significant amount. Let me use this occasion as an opportunity to challenge each and every one to prayerfully pull together and sacrificially give and serve for the purpose of “inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together.”

I’d like to invite all of you to attend our July 4 picnic on Saturday at 5:00 PM that leads up to our 6:00 PM Saturday Evening Service. Let me, also, invite you to our baptism services the weekend of July 11 & 12. 

God is working, and I am glad to be a part of it with you.

Summer Blessings,

Pastor Jeff

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