Teaching through our Aspen Ridge Statement of Faith has been rewarding. After some five weeks, we have covered a Biblical doctrine of God’s Word, God’s Trinity and the persons of the Godhead. However, I was not prepared for what God was going to do the weekend of February 7-8. Hunter Headley and I both spoke on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, and the results have been transformative. We have received unsolicited comments from scores of individuals about how God’s Spirit is working in the hearts of people. This includes accounts of fresh introductions to the Holy Spirit, renewed passion from the Holy Spirit, vitality in small groups, conviction of sin, healing of relationships, a new awareness of God’s presence, boldness and audacity in the Spirit, evangelistic fruit and many more!

God’s Spirit is working and moving in the minds and hearts of people at Aspen Ridge. From my perspective, we are on the threshold of revival. I understand revival as a movement of God’s Spirit that results in a conviction of (and sensitivity to) sin, a humble disposition toward God, a fresh interest in spiritual things, a hunger and thirst for God’s truth, an increasing devotion to prayer, a powerful evidence of unity among God’s people, a new boldness in sharing our faith and a community that sits up and takes notice of what God is doing. We have seen growth in the health and number of our small groups. This past weekend we were just shy of 400 in attendance, a 22% increase over our average attendance for the previous ministry year. I am aware of 7 conversions and 4 baptisms in the last five months of church life. We have been faithful in serving our community through service projects. We have hosted a handful of events that have resulted in new attendees and effective outreach.

What should we do? We should pull together in close dependence upon God. I want to encourage everyone to find and participate in a healthy small group. In many cases our small groups have room for additional participants, and we are training new leaders for additional groups. I look forward  to hearing about service projects through our small groups and toward our community. We are also trusting God for conversions to Jesus Christ. In many cases this begins with a simple invitation to corporate worship. Our prayer is for 40 conversions to Jesus Christ, with 14 baptisms this year. What kind of relationships do you have with your neighbors? What upcoming occasion would be the best to extend an invitation?

Warmly, Pastor Jeff

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