Every one of us has a family legacy that, whether we know it or not, looms large in our lives. Over the years I have come to learn that one’s past exerts a significant influence one one’s present and future. The best question really is…how can I honor my past in a way that gets it working for me rather than against me? 

I seek to answer that question in a series about Jesus’ family lineage. The Gospel of Matthew begins with a description of Jesus’ family tree. As one takes special note of this family tree, one comes to realize that Matthew does not hide the troublesome and even scandalous things that happened in the lives of Jesus’ ancestors. Instead these things are acknowledged…and God’s sovereign grace is elevated. Our Savior comes from the legacy of promise and fulfillment in the lives of Abraham, David and others who walked with God. This legacy can be alive in your life in a relationship with Jesus!

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