Questions about origins bubble up in life like a continual spring bubbles up with water.

The questions include the following: Where did we come from? Why do people exist? How old is the earth? What is the meaning of marriage?

Answering these questions is not simply an academic exercise. These are real issues that call for a meaningful, thoughtful response. More than that, they require a word from God.

Having a handle on these issues will help believers engage those who have a naturalistic outlook on life and on our world. By understanding God’s design and purpose one may understand and advance the meanings behind venerable and long-standing institutions. By gaining hold of God’s intentions one can understand how things are supposed to work today. In this series we will look at origins of the universe, the world, human beings, rest, work, good & evil and marriage.

Our intention will be to view these matters in light of God’s purpose for originating His world.

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