Have you ever called for a family meeting?  It could be that you or your spouse had a big decision to make.  Or it could be that you were planning a vacation and wanted to let your whole family know.  Maybe you wanted to listen to the opinions of family members on a needful subject.  Maybe you had a problem you needed to address, or maybe you just wanted to clear the air on a matter?  Maybe you wanted to identify and set some family goals for the coming year.

The leaders of Aspen Ridge Church are calling for a family meeting of members and regular attendees.  This will take place on Sunday, September 22 at noon in the celebration center. We will include a potluck lunch and then take perhaps 30 minutes to talk about a number of things in the life of our church.  You will receive written reports from our ministry team leaders about their areas of ministry.  You will receive a verbal report from Ron Kilgore, the chairman of our student ministry search team.  You will hear a financial report from Bruce Chaffer and then Norm Lewis will talk about prospective upgrades to our constitution.  Members will have an opportunity to vote on our proposed budget for 2013-14; they will also be asked to vote on elder board candidates.

Further, we will bind ourselves together and pray that God will lead us toward fulfilling these goals.  We will be putting ourselves “on the line” to reach or achieve these in 12 months (all the while depending on God’s help).  To my knowledge this will be new in the life of our church.  Further, you will hear me propose measurable outcomes we would like to trust God for in the coming ministry year. 

I want to personally welcome you to join an Aspen Ridge Church family meeting.

Pastor Jeff

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