Unity in the

Dr. Ben

  1. I will recognize the call and
         gifts from God in all of my co-workers.
  2. I will exercise vigilance over
         our unity.
  3. I commit to speaking well of my
         coworker brothers and sisters and will publicly express appreciation for
  4. I will pray diligently and fervently
         for the blessing of God on my teammates.
  5. I will affirm the co-equal
         importance of planting, watering and supporting ministries.
  6. I will shoulder responsibility
         for the ministry assigned to me and at the same time exercise prayerful
         concern for the field’s ministry in its entirety.
  7. I understand that in the “heat of
         the battle” there will be misunderstandings, conflicts and offenses.
  8. I will deal with offenses
         promptly and appropriately.
  9. I will listen intently in order
         to understand the other person’s perspective.
  10. I will avoid judging the motives
         of a fellow worker, because I cannot see my brother or sister’s heart.
  11. I will forgive others on the team
         without hesitation or precondition, knowing that I, too, will need
         frequent forgiveness for my offenses.
  12. I will commit myself to becoming
         better acquainted with the members of my team.

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