Family Ministry Informational Meeting 
August 4, 9:15 AM in the Fellowship Hall

Goal: Mobilize our church family for ministry to families during
a season of student ministry transition and an upcoming marriage conference.

Student Ministry Transition

Pastor Jeff will describe this season of transition as an
opportunity to trust God expectantly for a dynamic ministry to families and to
our community.  Youth Ministry may be an
especially vital tool for evangelistic effectiveness.  We believe we are sent by God so our community
may come to know the gospel.  One of the
best ways we can apply our efforts toward local outreach is to pour our time
and energies into student ministry. 

This season is also an opportunity to invest in students so
the generation to come may know the treasures of the gospel.  We seek to build intergenerational relationships
in our church family and community.   This transition is an opportunity for students
and parents to step forward and own increasing portions of student
ministry.  Describe our two teams

Advisory Team
.  The purpose of this
team will be to prayerfully recommend a leading candidate for our student
ministry position.  Ron Kilgore will lead
this team and describe how he will go forward [do we include the “talking points”

Ministry Team
.  The purpose of this
team will be to direct and support student ministry now and through our interim
period.  We consider this a working group
and we welcome any and all parents and students to connect.  We will need big amounts of help!  Stephanie Seevers will lead this team.  Stephanie will introduce her team members and
describe her role.

This team will deploy an interim leader
of student ministries: Chaz Triplett.  He
is currently an intern for Pastor Kerry in worship arts ministry.  Chaz brings experience in youth ministry and
passions for corporate worship.  He is
relational and warm and a magnet for kids and students.  Introduce Chaz and hear about his passion for

stronger: a weekend marriage conference

Pastor Jeff will describe this marriage conference as an
opportunity for us to make an investment in families.  Healthy marriages serve as a means of passing
the gospel to consequent generations. 
Healthy marriages are a positive witness for the difference the Christian
faith can make in life.  Healthy
marriages illustrate the love that Christ has for the church.  Marriages are the foundation of healthy
families.  Healthy marriages bring
security and direction to children.   Describe how one of our missionaries planted
this idea in my mind while sharing with John Powell’s small group.

Introduce John Seevers and describe how John will lead a
team of people who will orchestrate this conference.

Prayer in small groups.

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