With warmer weather in the forecast lately (though today is not as cooperative), the Properties Ministry Team has been busy with improvements and projects that help to maintain, restore and improve the church campus and the surrounding areas. Some activities that are now underway by this team are as follows:

  • Repairs to hail damaged roofs on the Main Church Building and Parsonage (Cox’s residence) were started in late May and will be completed in June.  The damage was covered by insurance.
  • Parking lot cracks will be sealed in June.
  • The Campus Improvement Committee (CIC) is developing a long range plan for landscaping the church campus and the Highway 73/North Turkey Creek roundabout.
  • The CIC is working with a local sign company to develop a design for a new permanent “Aspen Ridge Church” sign, to be installed later this year.

There may be areas as you arrive at church that are in various stages of completion, and we ask that you would pardon the interim stages of construction as we anticipate the finished projects. Please also take a moment, as you visit the campus, to thank Jeff Goodwin for heading up this crucial ministry team!


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