2012 Spring Fling Project

2012 Spring Fling Project

is a a phenomenal weekend of fun and exciting learning and growing in
your faith. We will be at Young Life’s Frontier Ranch in Buena Visa.
This is more of a resort than a “camp.” This place is amazing! There is a
pool, a ropes course, Frisbee golf and an amazing game room and
coffee/snack shop. This retreat has a legacy over over 25 years of
coming together and planning amazing experiences for Middle Schoolers.
There are usually several hundred students from half a dozen churches
all over the state that come together for this. For instance, last year
the theme for the weekend was based on Gungor’s song “Beautiful Things”
which was all about how God takes the mess and ugliness of our lives and
makes beautiful things out of our brokenness. As a part of this, at one
point during the afternoon on Saturday, the students were given ceramic
tiles and a sharpie encouraged to spend some time alone with God and
write some things down on their tile that is broken in their life. Later
that evening, as a part of our worship time, the students were
encouraged to come forward and throw their tiles into a barrel and let
them shatter and break into tiny pieces. It was an amazing and eerie sound as
you could hear the tiles shattering all over the auditorium. During the
worship time then there was a professional artist who began to gather
the shards of tiles together and create a mosaic from the pieces of
tile. The artist worked through the worship, and speaking time into the
the wee hours of the night and the next morning we unveiled a beautiful
tree. God had made something beautiful out of our brokenness! You can see this tree from last year in the chapel.

year, the theme is “authentic” and we going to be talking about Getting Real with ourselves, God and others.
I am honored that the leadership team has asked me to be the
speaker for the entire group. We will be specifically talking about the
masks we all wear to try to fit in or be accepted by others, ourselves
and even God.
I am so excited to be the speaker
for this. Like last year there will be a participatory element to the
weekend as well as an introspective piece. Please pray for me and the
students as we embark on this
exciting adventure!

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