In the 60’s it was the Boomers. In the 90’s, it was the Xers. Now it’s the Millennials, AKA GeniY, who are now the students poised to make their mark on the world. The data may surprise you. They will change the world–for the better or worse.

Recently, we did a parent seminar at a gathering literally called “The Gathering,” at Aspen Ridge Church on Sunday mornings at 9:00. Here’s some of the data that was covered.

My hope is that this information will help you understand your teen and pre-teen a little better as you seek to guide them toward a Home in Christ.       

What is Gen iY?

Born roughly between 1984-2002–Gen Y. Gen iY is the younger half of Gen Y, everyone born since 2002. The “i” in the iY represents the internet and is designated for how technology has shaped their world. They have literally grown up “online,” in front of the screen, and been immersed in technology since they were born.

With names like: Millennials, Echo Boomers, Nexters, Mosaics, Bridgers, Screenagers, “The Peter Pan” & “Sunshine” & “No Problem”  generation-one must wonder where this generation is headed…

This is the most studied generation in history

This is largest generation on earth-already 3 billion people and growing-larger than the baby boomers! This generation cannot be ignored! Like the boomers a couple generations before them, they will change the world once again-According to Tim Elmore author of Generation iY

This Generation has one overarching characteristic: The Reality Gap-High Expectations-Low Reality

Portrait of a Generation





How to make an Impact on Gen iY





Nurturing Gen iY – knowing their needs

Six Needs of Gen iY

  1. Learn to deal with disappointment
  2. Learn Resilience
  3. Accept “AS IS”
  4. Learn Realistic Expectations
  5. Train for autonomy
  6. Find a Compelling Cause (this should be the easy part)

Motivating Gen iY

Not Passionate, but “Fassionate” which means being Passionate Together

Fassionate means being passionate about a cause is part of being social

A generation of Paradox

  • Sheltered yet Pressured
  • Self-Absorbed yet Generous
  • Social yet Isolated by Technology
  • Ambitious yet Anxious
  • Adventurous yet Protected
  • Diverse yet Harmonious
  • Visionary yet Vacillating
  • High Achievement yet High Maintenance

Getting Through to the iY’s

  • They want to Belong before they Believe
  • They want an Experience before an Explanation
  • They want a Cause before they want a Course
  • They want a “Guide on the side” before they want a “Sage on the Stage”
  • They want to Play before they Pay
  • They want to use but not to be used by others
  • They want  a transformation not just a touch

DANGER! DANGER! Damaging Parenting Styles:-Have we created this monster?

Time to get real. Which one are you? Or, which one are you not?

Helicopter Parents-The problem-hover too close

Karaoke Parents-The problem-try too hard to be cool (they’re not)

Dry-Cleaner Parents-The problem-drop their kids off for others to raise

Volcano Parents-The problem-erupt over minor issues

Dropout Parents-The problem-let their kids down

Bullied Parents-The problem-can’t stand up to their kids

Groupie Parents-The problem-treat their children like rock stars

Commando Parents-The problem-let rules trump relationship

What’s the answer? Ask me about the story about the babies Elephants. You could learn a lot from an Elephant…

If you want to know more, check out Tim Elmore’s book Generation iY. Questions? Let me know how I can help!

–Pastor Casey

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