Friends, beginning March 16th, our church will offer a Saturday Evening Service.  We will gather at 6:30 PM with a full complement of nursery care and children’s ministries.  We will have a more casual feel to our service, providing hot beverages and meeting around tables.  We will build some intentional interaction into the service.  Our service (God willing) will be marked by passionate worship and Biblical teaching.  We are gathering a core of some 20 families who will form out pilot group… we are then trusting God for additional growth and vitality with this ministry.  It feels like the time is right to provide an alternative to our regular Sunday AM worship format.  We believe there are huge prospects for serving young families that may be pulled in different direction with sports, serving those who are already knee deep in the outdoors lifestyle Evergreen offers, and expanding our reach with the gospel.  If you would like to partner with us in this service, pick up a free t-shirt in the entryway and wear it for the next month to our Sunday AM worship services!

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