October 22, 2013

 Kelly and I on the battlefield of Gettysburg

Kelly and I on the battlefield of Gettysburg

This weekend I had opportunity to
travel two thousand miles and visit my daughter in Washington DC.
Four months ago she started a new life in our nation’s capitol.
She took a position with the “Ethics and Public Policy Center
(EPPC).”  EPPC is a think tank that is devoted to advancing
conservative values in the political arena.  She left a comfortable
role in California State Government to take on this new challenge.
She has also been a part of the Koch Program, a year-long internship
meant to groom and cultivate future leaders.

We had three precious days together…
she took a day off of work and we just hung out.  At my daughter’s
suggestion, we went to Gettysburg on Friday and spent some time
reviewing that fierce battle that marked the turning point in the
Civil War.  Later we saw the “Great Falls” bordered by Virginia
and Maryland.  We went out to eat and we saw a few good movies.  We
went to church together.  We went to the Smithsonian Museum of
National History.  I tried to fix a piece of her furniture that was
damaged in her move.

All in all, it reminded me of how
proud I am of all my children, and especially Kelly.  And that
feeling echoes the feelings that God the Father has for his Son Jesus
Christ.  He said “This is my beloved son in whom I am well
pleased.”  If we are in Christ, then God is proud of us in Christ.
He loves his children and is proud of who we are and what we are
learning to be and do.  Believe it… God is proud of you today IN

Pastor Jeff


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