The Gathering Starts January 6th

If you are new to our 9 a.m. Education Hour and have not yet plugged in to a
small group, why not try The Gathering? The group meets downstairs, highlighting new speakers and topics every month. Pastor Casey will be
teaching during the month of January; his topic will be “The Highs and Lows
of Parenting Teenagers”. Join us!

The Highs and Lows
of Parenting Teenagers

Are you currently struggling with your teenager? Are you wondering how to handle issues like social media, boundaries around electronics, peer pressure or how to integrate faith at home? Have you come through this stage and can offer some advice to other parents? Perhaps you have a pre-teen and would like more tools and resources to prepare for the years ahead. Maybe you simply just don’t have a place to go or haven’t yet connected with a small group during the education hour on Sunday mornings. Come be a part of this exciting new group!

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