How should you treat
your neighbor?  This is a very practical question that we all deal
with.  Every one of us has neighbors and they are not perfect.  For
that matter, we are not perfect.  There are real issues related to
property, children, animals, neighborhood challenges and even snow
removal.  How you relate to your neighbor is important to your peace of
mind.  But it is more important than even that… did you know that God says
how you treat your neighbor is a reflection of how you treat Him?  Your
relationship with God is mirrored by how you treat your neighbor.  This
series will take a practical look at what God says about how to build
relationships with your neighbor for the glory of God.  Bring an expectant
heart for our series.

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In the coming weeks and months, you will see significant renovations and construction on our church property. Will you use this occasion to pray for our church and the realization of our God-given mission?

Let me take a few moments to describe a way we seek to unlock the door to effective outreach in our community…

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