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Freestyle Hope

Virus Outbreak in the East, oversea.  Not here, doesn’t affect you or me.  Life goes on, work and play.  Live it out day by day.  Sickness comes to our shore. Won’t impact us to our core.  Virus spreads a little more.  Will it impact us to our core?  Virus spreads...

Weekly Message from Pastor Jeff

March 26, 2020 Dear Friends, We are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus has become a pandemic, threatening health for the seven billion people who live in our world. Significant portions of our domestic economy are deeply hurting. Values of investments and...

Small Groups

Small groups are the heart of the church. Within them, there can be true community as the groups pray together, get to know God better and create lasting friendships. There are groups that dig into the weekly sermons with discussion questions, groups that are built around common hobbies or interests and groups that focus on topics such as parenting or marriage. Our groups meet in various homes or on campus and cover a variety of days and times. Check out the listing of groups to see what might be a good fit for your family. 


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