Ya Dig?


We have a professional landscape plan that we would like to roll out in phases. This includes the Hwy 73/ North Turkey Creek roundabout, which Jefferson County has given us permission to landscape. The land has been divided into 8 "zones," and we would like to have families, small groups and individuals sign up to adopt a zone. Those adopting the zone would then do all of the planting. The church will furnish all materials and have them at the site for planting, mulching and other beautification. The volunteers need to bring some muscle and a desire to make our campus more beautiful (plus some shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows and other appropriate tools).

Check in with Diana Blake in the lobby this weekend and next (October 12-13 and October 19-20) to sign up for a zone and to get the details.

We would love to have the zones completed between Saturday, October 26 and Saturday, November 2. 

We would also like to encourage families to donate aspen that they could dig up on their properties and bring to church for replanting!