Annual Report

September 16, 2013

Dear friend of Aspen Ridge Church,

God’s grace sustained us for another year of fruitful ministry in the almost 50-year life of Aspen Ridge Church.  Alongside of many lives that have been transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, we have reached some strategic objectives.  After discerning a clear and compelling mission statement (inviting neighbors to find a home in Christ together), we began to remove roadblocks to fulfilling that mission.  First, we received a new name that seeks to serve our whole community with God’s love.  Second, we eliminated all debt on our church facility.  This means that our substantial facility addition of 1998 has now, after some 15 years, been paid for completely.  Third, we launched a coordinated movement of sermon-based small groups.  We are grateful for God’s faithfulness in these initiatives.

As we look toward 2013-4, we will experiment with a prayerful approach toward outcomes that fulfill our mission.  These are objectives that are born from Jesus’ portrait of his follower in John 15.  These include characteristics of a person who SEEKS God, who SERVES one another, and who SHARES the gospel with a watching world.  These are practical and measurable things that we believe God is leading us to trust him for.  The measures below are reflective of the measures proposed by our ministry teams.


We are trusting God for an increase of average attendance at corporate worship services of 7% in the next year of ministry.  Our average attendance last year was 238; we are trusting God this will rise to 255.

We are praying and working toward an increase in the number of our healthy small groups.  We have had 13 healthy small groups, and we are seeking 16 healthy small groups.


We believe every person has a place of service in and through our local church.  Currently we have 41% of our regular attendees in a place of service; we are praying that the percentage of regular attendees who serve will rise to 50%.

We expect that all of our small groups spend themselves on a service project each quarter.  Our measurable outcome will be that 80% of our small groups engage in a service project each quarter.


We will give ourselves to pray for conversions to Christ, people who have been outside the family of God and are now members of God’s forever family.  We are trusting God for conversions marked by 12 baptisms this next year.

We will host 12 events that have an intentional emphasis on outreach to our community.  We trust God will use these events to bring growth by conversions.

Warmly, Pastor Jeff