Dr. David Mathewson this weekend at Aspen Ridge!


It is our privilege to feature Dr. David Mathewson at Aspen Ridge Church this weekend.  He  joined the faculty of Denver Seminary in 2011 as Associate Professor of New Testament. He earned a PhD in New Testament from the University of Aberdeen. Areas of research interest include the Book of Revelation, apocalyptic literature, and biblical theology.  There are three opportunities we will have to hear from Dr. Mathewson.

Saturday AM Men’s Breakfast (on campus at 8AM) – Dr. Mathewson will address our men’s breakfast on a current issue: the New Testament & Homosexuality.

Weekend Services (Sat 6:30PM & Sunday 10:30AM) – Dr. Mathewson will bring the weekend message from the book of Revelation, chapters 4 & 5, entitled “A Glimpse of Heaven.”

The Gathering (Sunday, Room 104 at 9AM) – Dr. Mathewson will be the guest speaker Sunday (and for the following month) in the “Gathering,” an adult elective at Aspen Ridge Church.  He will address the subject of Biblical Prophecy.