What is Truth?

In contrast to contemporary ideas about truth, there is a transcendence and objectivity to the idea of truth in the Bible.  Current ideas of truth have to do with how a person interprets something, or the findings of science, or a certain ideology, or what is relative or pragmatic.  Postmodernism says truth is dead, everyone sees it differently, or what comes from the shared values of a given culture or community.  Is truth simply a matter of one’s own interpretation?

The following three Christian thinkers have forwarded a definition of truth in various places.  I have gathered them together here.

Ravi Zacharias: “Truth is that which affirms propositionally the nature of reality as it is.”

RC Sproul: “Truth is that which corresponds to reality as perceived by God.”

Robert Saucy: “Truth in the Scriptural sense is ultimately a perfection of God Himself.”

Truth has at its core the notion of reliability or faithfulness.  It also describes what conforms to reality.  Finally, it includes what is ultimate reality, or divine reality.  How can you live, hear, seek, obey, and embrace truth today?